Montreal, Canada

Montreal is the most populous city in the Quebec province of Canada. It is actually named after the triple-peaked hill at the center of the city.


The city of Montreal has a humid continental climate with four specific seasons. While the summers are usually warm to hot, the winters are cold and snowy.

People, Ethnicities and Religions:

With a population of 1,704,694 people, Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada. The various ethnicities inhabiting the city are French, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, English, Italians, Chinese, Latin Americans, Arabs, Blacks, Lebanese and South Asians. A major part of the population practices Christianity followed by Atheism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism respectively.


French is the official language of the city and most of the people use this language to communicate. Though lesser in concentration but a lot of people speak and understand English while few people are actually bilingual in the city.


The city of Montreal has some really good restaurants to fill one's taste buds with life. A wide variety of food can be found as per one's taste and budget. These are some of the restaurants known for their warm foods and great hospitality:

    Bouillon Bilk


    Restaurant L'Avenue



Major Attractions:

    Notre-Dame Basilica: This church was built in 1656 and has been a spectacular display of intricate architecture.

    Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal: This place holds the title of being the largest shrine in the world which has been dedicated to Saint Joseph. The place has lots of religious sentiments associated with it.

    Mount Royal Park: This Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted where the beautiful green nature is presented in an appealing and alluring way to attract maximum visitors to the place.

    Laurentian Mountains: These Mountains should be visited for adventurous sports like skiing, dog sledding, ice skating, kayaking, mountain biking and whale watching.