Montreal, Canada


Montreal is said to be the largest city in the Canadian Quebec province. After Paris, Montreal is said to be the second largest French speaking city in the world. It has a population of around 1,649,519 people. Montreal comprises of 19 large boroughs of which the Ville-Marie is the most important one.

Major Attractions.

  • Mount Royal.

This is a landmark mountain offering fascinating views of the city from its peak.

  • Notre Dame Basilica.

This church is located at 110 Notre Dame Street and features vibrant stained glass and concert performances.

  • Montreal Biodome.

Located at the Olympic Park in the Montreal neighborhood, this places offers the guests a walk through its replicas of the four ecosystems.


  • Bagels or Fairmount bagels- One of the most popular kind of bagels topped with cream cheese and is the tastiest.
  • Smoked Meat- This is a method of preparing meat or fish to preserve it for longer periods.
  • Poutine- French fries topped with brown gravy.

Sport Activities:

Montreal has always shown an active part in sport activities always. Sports like Football. Soccer, Ice Hockey, Frisbee, Auto racing, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Roller derby, Rugby are the activities here.

Travel Info:

All you need to know about travelling to Montreal is that though French is spoken by majority but there are a few population who do speak English. The climate here is often too cold so be prepared with your warm clothes. By foot or by public transportation is the best way to go around the city. The public shuttle bus is also pliable whenever the need for a transport is felt.