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The festival takes place in various locations throughout the city in July and includes events, performances and shows that are free of charge, as well as a variety of activities for children and adults. There are also outdoor sports, including outdoor games such as volleyball, basketball, football, baseball and football. This month - long fireworks contest consists of 10 high-energy shows lasting 30 minutes each.

During the harvest, visitors can participate in restaurant events, where chefs and wine producers meet for special dinners and collaborations. There is also the Montreal All-Nighter Show, which ends with a complimentary breakfast at dawn. And finally, gourmets enjoy the annual Montreal Happenings Festival, a celebration of food, wine and culture in the city of Montreal.

This year, several Montreal boroughs are turning into the Cirque Completement for the evening and weekend. It is also the perfect time to visit the Canton of Laurentians, to spend a night of music, dance, food and entertainment and to visit one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

Visit the huge Drum Circle Festival, held every Sunday from May to October, and enjoy a night of music, dance, food and entertainment. Off-the-ground events include a snowbath in the snow baths and frozen chunks of ice floating on the Saint Lawrence River.

There is one such event, held every February, which features snow sculptures in particular, and it is one of the largest in the world. Visitors can watch the sculptors create a variety of creations, from the most famous to the most obscure. This annual event showcases sculptures by artists from all over the country as well as artisans from around the world.

The most famous event of Carnaval, represented by the unmistakable figure of Bonhomme, is a night-time-and-day parade through the streets of Montreal, from Saint-Jean-Baptiste-sur-Richelieu to Mont-Royal. Celebrations on Mont Royal Avenue include a variety of events such as fireworks, a parade and even a carnival.

Montreal museums are free all day, and seniors and children often have free admission. Montreal museums have free days, while urban nature parks offer a variety of free activities throughout the year.

Another world-famous festival held annually in Montreal is Jazz Fest, the largest jazz festival in the world. The festival brings together the best of jazz, classical music and performing arts, attracting over 900,000 visitors looking for a way to banish the winter blues. More than half of the jazz events in Montreal are free, making it one of the good things on a cold winter's day.

Perhaps it is this charm that attracts crowds of visitors enchanted by the unspoilt centre of Vieux-Quebec. The Jean Talon Market is undoubtedly one of Montreal's most popular tourist attractions, with specialty shops, restaurants and boutiques all lining up to the Petit Champlain district. It happens to be the most photographed hotel in the world, the charming Chateau Frontenac, as well as a number of other famous hotels.

Near the Montreal Science Center there are a number of interactive exhibitions and holiday-themed IMAX shows for the family.

The event, which takes place on several stages in the city centre, is completely free and entertaining, with live music, free food and drinks and free French-language workshops. Stroll through the charming old town of Montreal and meander into the heart of downtown Montreal for a weekend of festivities for Merry Montreal, including the annual Christmas Parade, Christmas Market and Christmas Parade. Celebrate and gather with friends and family for an evening of festive festivities and glittering lights, lights and lights.

Sweet maple is the quintessence of Quebec's treats, and you won't leave town without it on the right track. From the middle of the month, the maple trees shine in full colour and the long walks in mild temperatures determine the season for the annual event, which features a Chinese lantern light. A walk through the parks of Montreal and Quebec City is a refreshing tonic, but the cane sugar trees of the province's most famous maple forest are not left on the tracks outside the city. In addition to the winter carnival (with annual Christmas parade, Christmas market and Christmas), maple coffees can also be found at the many maple sugar stalls that appear in March, when the sap starts to flow from the trees.

Important winter festivals are celebrated in a number of towns and municipalities in the province. The celebration of Canada's birthday is always big in Quebec, whether it's a concert, flag-waving or family celebrations in Montreal or Quebec City.

The nature reserve in the northwestern part of Montreal Island offers visitors a peaceful view of native plants and animals. There is also an apple picking event to give you an idea of how many orchards surround Quebec City and the many apple farms in Montreal. It is perfect behavior on a hot summer day, allowing visitors to see Montreal from a completely new perspective.

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