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Here's the moment you've been waiting for, you can go back to Montreal restaurants, here we share our selection of the best restaurants in Montreal for the first time - time for visitors. If you want to experience the true essence of Montreal cuisine, start with these ten iconic Montreal restaurants. The best restaurants we recommend L'Academie Restaurant Montreal, which is a classic, but we recommend you order in any restaurant.

This is the perfect place to enjoy first-class food in a more casual atmosphere, but with great city views and a good selection of food.

Chef Normand Laprise only serves fresh ingredients available on the market and emphasizes local Quebec produce. Since its opening in 1993, it has taken on the pioneering role of regional, product-oriented cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh produce and local ingredients.

French foods are made by combining top ingredients to produce interesting flavors at a reasonable price. Best Restaurant recommends that the food should be accurate and luxurious, but it's not new to Montreal cuisine. It is an excellent example of the best of both worlds: good food and good wine and great wine with good service.

France, England and, fortunately, more France, have descended on our food culture and left Montreal to find their own way. Juliette et Chocolat, made in Montreal since 2003, serves a menu of juicy treats and decadent chocolate desserts. The genuine, ingredient - the driving force behind the food that focuses on the farm - the fresh cuisine of Quebecois is prepared with a focus on quality ingredients and a high level of attention to detail, not only in terms of food but also in terms of service.

Other restaurants in Montreal serve a similar spice - grated brisket sandwich, but Schwartz's version is the benchmark and classic. If you want to eat smoked meat in Montreal, head to Lester's or visit Fairmount St. Viateur Bagel; one thing is for sure: eating a bagel is a must when you visit Montreal. Grilled cheese with its sweet and savoury flavours is part of a well-designed menu with various options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A weekend brunch is an essential part of any trip to Montreal, and provides the opportunity to sit back, relax and socialize. Many restaurants in Montreal serve this popular dish, but La Banquise sets the standard with its delicious brunch menu with a wide selection of options. If you're with friends or want to take this special person to lunch, you should visit this stunning restaurant in a quiet and safe location in Quebec. With 17 locations, Montreal locals and visitors will always find a great place to be with their friends and family.

For more spectacular creations and culinary delights, head to the Mousso on Ontario Street in the Gay Village. If you're adventurous, you can also head to the other side of the city to enjoy a more traditional brunch menu at St. Laurent.

The Eater Montreal is located near the Jean Talon market and has been rated as one of the best Italian places in the city. French cuisine in a city where it has disappeared, this restaurant is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner with some of Montreal's most popular dishes.

The restaurant's menu was created by a group of Montreal people with a passion for English cuisine who traveled to England to find the perfect recipe for their journey home. Many restaurants in Montreal have begun offering take-out and delivery options, but this is the place to ensure you remain financially viable during the Coronavirus crisis. While New York has lost the experience of one - the stop shop - Montreal has developed a compelling personality in gastronomy. This is a place that has made the transition from a traditional restaurant to a restaurant where the upscale cuisine has been transformed into a modern ideal.

This Montreal favorite is a real eye-catcher - to discover things like bibimbap and jeon (Korean crepes). Many argue that Fairmount Bagel serves the best bagels from Montreal, while others prefer the more traditional but no less delicious bagel shop on the corner of St. Laurent and St. Denis.

La Banquise has been a local dish for decades, and the affordable, distinctive Montreal dish, rumoured to have been invented in nearby Drummondville in the 1950s, is everywhere in the city. In a super-casual space that resembles a New York diner, this iconic Montreal restaurant serves a variety of dishes from the city's most popular restaurants, including bibimbap, macaroni and cheese, quesadillas and more. Montreal cinq sept - a - commerce serves a wide range of delicious dishes, from traditional dishes to more exotic ones such as macarons and pastries.

Young, upwardly mobile Francophones see a good steak tartare and eat it, but the truth is that when you travel to Montreal, you have to eat off your trousers whether you like it or not. Call it gourmet, call it wolverine or call it what you like: the young, aspiring, mobile Francophone on the fries planet loves a tempting duck and eats it like a man.

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